Technical Info


Drivers & Ballasts


  • Power Entry

    Cord Entry Diagrams, Flexible Whips, Cord for Suspended Product. All Williams recessed troffers are available with a flexible whip, factory attached and hard wired to the luminary.

  • Tandem In-Line Wiring & Master/Satellite System

    Factory installed branch circuit wiring with nylon self-locking polarized connectors. All Williams Fluorescent® recessed troffers are available with a flexible metallic wiring harness, factory attached and hard wired to the luminary.

  • Electrical Accessories

    6' Cord/Plug 120V(-6CPI/5-15P), 277V(-6CPI/7-15P), Fast(-GLR) & Slow(-GMF) Fuse, Ballast Suppressor.


Options & Accessories

  • Gasketing, Ceiling Types & Earthquake Clips

  • Industrial, Strip & Wrap Fixture Accessories

    Metal Louvers, metal frame with lens, reflector row aligner, reflector end plates, wire-guards. Williams Fluorescent® AI Series perforation, louver, and slot styles.

  • Troffer Doors & Shielding

    Steel, aluminum, and tamper resistant door frames. Optional Grid Riser provides a skylight effect. Pattern #12, #15, #19 acrylic, polycarbonate and vandal lenses. ½" & 1" deep white, or silver acrylic and styrene parabolic louvers.

  • Special Reflectors - Strips

    Special reflectors transform Williams’ strip luminaires into powerful light managers to maximize installation flexibility.

  • LVC Wall Plate Accessories

    For use in healthcare products specified with Low Voltage Controllers, the LVC Wall Plate provides simple lighting access for healthcare personnel.